The Lush Signature Facial


Our various and unique blend of natural ingredients will exfoliate the skin and aid in even complexion. This is the perfect rejuvenation for all skin types assisting in lasting results. 

60 min - $80

 90 min. - $110

Short on time? Make it an express facial. A Lush Express, that it!

30 min - $60

The Deluxe Signature Facial


Get our Lush signature facial  (2.0)

+ two add-on services (see add-on options to your right)

75 min. - $150

The Deluxe Signature Facial Add-Ons



No more peach fuzz! Gently scrape off hair and dead skin cells with this super effective exfoliating treatment. Instant improvement to overall skin texture and appearance.




 Shine bright like a diamond with this luxurious facial designed to exfoliate with crystals to remove dead epidermal cells, and provide a radiant glow to the skin.


Lush Mermaid Mask

 Our moisture filled mask is designed to quench the skin leaving it supple and radiant. 


Exfoliate & Heal Chemical Peel

 A resurfacing treatment that rejuvenates complexions. 



Exfoliate & Heal Chemical Peel



A resurfacing treatment that rejuvenates complexions. .  Includes: Lush Mermaid Mask  

45 min. - $100.

Derriere 'Facials'


Our Lush signature facial for your derriere!!  Everyone's focused on having a big butt, the Lush Oasis team is focused on having a 'soft as a baby's butt.' Try our derriere facials, your fanny needs a proper skincare regimen too.

60 min - $100

Back Facial (Bacials)


 Targeting a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, congested, and dehydrated skin. This service is beneficial in treating an area you cannot get to on your own.  Perfect if you're prepping for a special occasion or you just want your back to have that extra glow. 

60 min - $85